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funcparserlib.util — Various utilities

funcparserlib.util.pretty_tree(x, kids, show)

Return a pseudo-graphic tree representation of the object x similar to the tree command in Unix.

Type: (T, Callable[[T], List[T]], Callable[[T], str]) -> str

It applies the parameter show (which is a function of type (T) -> str) to get a textual representation of the objects to show.

It applies the parameter kids (which is a function of type (T) -> List[T]) to list the children of the object to show.


>>> print(pretty_tree(
...     ["foo", ["bar", "baz"], "quux"],
...     lambda obj: obj if isinstance(obj, list) else [],
...     lambda obj: "[]" if isinstance(obj, list) else str(obj),
... ))
|-- foo
|-- []
|   |-- bar
|   `-- baz
`-- quux